York Pop Up Business Cafe

I'm delighted to be returning as one of the experts at the How's Business Pop Up Business Cafe. I'll be joining 6 other local business experts at The Natural Entrepreneurs Workspace in York on Wednesday 25th April and we'll be on hand to answer questions about Websites, Marketing, Social Media, Raising Finance, Tax & Accountancy, and Business Start-up and Growth.

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Where am I Networking in York in April?

April is all about networking for me. My marketing objective this month is increasing my visibility, becoming known for marketing strategy and promoting my workshops (along with meeting lovely people, enjoying the odd glass of wine and having some fun along the way).

If networking is something you’d like to do more of but don’t know where to start, if you want to try a new networking group or just want to know where you can catch up with me for a chat then you are welcome to join me at any of the following events in York and surrounding area. Read More

smart leaders sell podcast with Jessica Lorimer and Louise Mason

When Does Marketing Become Sales?

Episode 40 The Smart Leaders Sell Podcast with Jessica Lorimer

Often people blur the lines between sales and marketing and get confused as to when the marketing activity stops and the sales process begins.

As Jessica Lorimer 's guest on the Smart Leaders Sell podcast I asked the juicy question "When does marketing become sales?"  We discuss the differences between sales and marketing in this episode and Jess breaks down exactly when the sales process starts, and what’s considered marketing to get the customer to that point in the process.

A good marketer will bring you the best leads possible”

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cup of coffee and newspaper

The First British Example of Content Marketing

Although we think content marketing is brand new, telling stories to attract, convert and keep customers is actually one of the oldest marketing disciplines. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) dates content marketing back to 1732 when Benjamin Franklin published his first almanac.

But is there an even earlier example of content marketing? Was Benjamin Franklin the first to produce a publication to promote his business? Franklin spent 2 years in England at the beginning of his career learning the print trade in London’s printing houses. Could there be an earlier example of content marketing in England in the 1700s? When was content marketing first used in England? These were the questions I was asking as I set off on my quest to find the earliest example of British content marketing. 

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York Women Mean Business Award Winner

Stonkingly Good – York Women Mean Business Celebration Award Winner

Back in November we celebrated the York Women Mean Business awards. You might remember me blogging about being shortlisted for an award. The YWMB Facebook group had now grown to over a thousand members and 36 amazing ladies were shortlisted for awards on the night.

I was looking forward to a night of celebration, cheering on fellow nominees and dancing the night away. I was proud to be shortlisted and knew I was up against some tough competition – there are some fabulous business women in this group!

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York Women Mean Business Award Shortlist

I am delighted to be shortlisted for a York Women Mean Business Celebration Award! York Women Mean Business is a Facebook networking group of over 900 female business owners and entrepreneurs in York – and is growing daily!

The awards are a bit of fun to celebrate some of the amazing women in the group, and I am looking forward to getting together on 10th November at the Pitcher and Piano to cheer all the nominees on -whether I win or not. I am up against some fabulous competition in the Business Support & Services category... But maybe I’ll win the ‘drinks the most prosecco and works in their pj’s’ award! (Seriously – this was a question on the entry form.)

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Are Facebook Pages Dying?

Facebook rolled out some changes to the new Explore feed at the weekend (21 Oct 2017) which has some implications for Facebook pages. They are also testing more changes to the feed in 6 countries which has fuelled a panic on the internet that Facebook pages will be no more, that there will be zero reach, that businesses will have to 'pay to play' to have a presence on Facebook and that advertising costs will go up and businesses fight for the same ad space.

So let's take a look at each of these claims and dig down to the truth behind the changes and talk about a few things you can do to make the most of your Facebook page. 

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