Annual Marketing Review

As you probably know by now I’m on a mission to help 1,000 business do Better Smarter Marketing. One of the principles of Better Smarter Marketing is Analysis. And by analysis I don’t necessarily mean digging into the depths of Excel spread sheets. (although sometimes I do, I’m a bit of a geek and I do love a good spreadsheet!) But really what is mean is Review.

● Review what is and isn’t working for you.

● Review your customer numbers and where your new customers come from.

● Review your sales turnover figures and if you are on track to meet your financial goals.

● Review how much you of your marketing budget you have spent.

Every month I review my marketing activity and monitor the progress of my mission and today I’m going to share that review process with you. But since we’ve just started a new financial year I’m actually sharing a full year review – wowzers!

Marketing Mission Update

As of April 5th 2017 I have helped (drum roll please)… 287 businesses. Now let’s break that down. Because not all of these businesses are customers, in fact only 25% of them are clients that I have worked with on 1 to 1 projects, Marketing Surgeries and workshops/training courses.

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Better Smarter Event Marketing

When it comes to organising and promoting events its often the promotion side things which is left to the last minute. Organising an event can be time consuming and we are often so busy organising the details of the event itself that the marketing takes a back seat.

Then we find that the event is upon is and we’re under pressure to spread the word and confirm some event bookings or ticket sales. Which can lead us to incessantly posting about our event of Facebook and spamming all of our friends.

But there is a better way, a smarter way. Which is why I am running a seminar on Better Smarter Marketing for Events next week as part of my mission to help 1,000 businesses for Better Smarter Marketing.

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Facebook page posting options

How to Use the NEW Facebook Page Posting Options to Connect with Your Customers

Have you got the new Facebook page posting options yet? I was pretty excited when I got them on my page that I made a quick video tour of the options available. The icons make is much easier to create different types of posts, include calls to action in your posts and do other things like create events, offers and ads without feeling a little lost searching through different options and settings on your page.

new facebook page post options

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How to Create Content that Connects and Converts

Be yourself… be real… be authentic… be consistent

I’ve heard this so many times that I wasn’t surprised when we covered this in a Content Camp workshop I attended last year. I didn’t want to repeat it in a blog post because I thought it was too mundane, too obvious. Everyone already knows this right?

But maybe you don’t. Maybe I’ve only heard it so often because I work in marketing and consume content as if it were wine in my spare time. Maybe you haven’t heard it all before, because you are too busy running your business to be hanging out on webinars and Twitter chats. Maybe you know it but you’re still grateful for the reminder.

And you haven’t heard what being yourself, being real, being authentic and being consistent means to me. Plus I have a bonus tip on making your content findable – because what’s the point in having great content if no one can find it! So rad on to learn more about how being your authentic self can help you create content that connects with your audience and makes then take action (that’s the conversion).

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How to choose which York Business Week Event to go to?

York Business Week 14-17 November 2016

Businesses in the city of York have come together to inspire, grow and celebrate with a programme of events, workshops and online trainings throughout the week. And there is a great selection of marketing events, so if you are looking for support when it comes to marketing your business, whether it’s social media, marketing strategy, marketing tools or seo then there is an event for you this week!

But with 9 marketing events going on, how do you choose the right one for you and your business?

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How to upgrade to WordPress 4.6 Pepper

How to Upgrade to WordPress 4.6

Upgrading to the latest version of WordPress is quick and easy in your WordPress dashboard. I often get asked how to upgrade to WordPress, just follow these simple instructions and within minutes you'll have access to all the new features and enhancements in WordPress 4.6.

When you log in to your WordPress account you will be greeted with a “WordPress 4.6 is available! Please update now” message.

Simply click on the ‘Please update now’ link and you will be taken to the WordPress Updates page.

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