August Networking in York

August is traditionally a quiet month when it comes to networking with many local networks taking a break. Networking Every Wednesday, The Wellbeing Meet Up and Yorkshire Leading Ladies are having a rest over the summer and will be back in September. So where does that leave me networking this month? Read More

Where I’m Networking in July

I’m kicking off July with a trip down to Birmingham for the Entrepreneurs Circle pre event networking evening on Sunday 1st July. So really getting this month’s networking off to a head start. At the event today Nigel Botterill is sharing his 3 future trends for marketing. One of those trends is that conversation is becoming the new lead generation. Conversation is one of the reasons why I attend so many networking events – because it enables me to have interesting conversations with people. Meeting people face to face shrinks the distance and gets me closer to my potential customers in a way that can’t be done online, even with live videos and community groups with strong relationships, for me there is no better way to connect than in person. So if you’d like to meet up and have an interesting conversation this is where you can find me this month. Read More

Where I’m Networking in York in June

June’s networking kicked off with the Summer Social on Tuesday. We celebrated our Woo Hoo wins over Sangria and Summer punch (or Ginger Beer and Elderflower presse) and the fabulous Helen Drye from Silver and Stone Jewellery won a bottle of prosecco for her woo hoo of 6 years in business! (winner drawn at random by Lily Denniss from Foxglove Portfolios as part of her fundraising for a trip to Peru)

The open networking and socialising format worked really well, lots of new connections were made, strawberry scones by Just Jos Catering were enjoyed, hook a duck was played and a good time was had by all! So much that it’s been requested as an annual event!

The rest of the month I can be found… Read More

Where I’m networking in York in May

I feel like a bit of a networking queen after attending 11 networking events last month. I set myself a visibility objective for the month of April to become known for marketing strategy and to promote my upcoming email marketing workshops. I’m taking it a bit easier this month as I'll be preparing for and running said workshops but I've still got 6 networking events planned so, it’s not like I’m exactly ready to hang up my crown! This is where I will be this month…

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April Wellbeing Meet Up

As a lover of massages, and a fan of alternative, holistic and wellbeing therapies I'm thrilled to be invited as a guest to the York Wellbeing Meet Up this month. And since I love answering marketing questions I'll be taking questions over coffee during the meet up. I've worked with a wide range of wellbeing practitioners including nutritional therapists, massage therapists, aromatherapists, reflexologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, yoga, Pilates and zumba teachers, reiki masters and other spiritual or healing based business owners. 

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Where am I Networking in York in April?

April is all about networking for me. My marketing objective this month is increasing my visibility, becoming known for marketing strategy and promoting my workshops (along with meeting lovely people, enjoying the odd glass of wine and having some fun along the way).

If networking is something you’d like to do more of but don’t know where to start, if you want to try a new networking group or just want to know where you can catch up with me for a chat then you are welcome to join me at any of the following events in York and surrounding area. Read More

York Women Mean Business Award Shortlist

I am delighted to be shortlisted for a York Women Mean Business Celebration Award! York Women Mean Business is a Facebook networking group of over 900 female business owners and entrepreneurs in York – and is growing daily!

The awards are a bit of fun to celebrate some of the amazing women in the group, and I am looking forward to getting together on 10th November at the Pitcher and Piano to cheer all the nominees on -whether I win or not. I am up against some fabulous competition in the Business Support & Services category... But maybe I’ll win the ‘drinks the most prosecco and works in their pj’s’ award! (Seriously – this was a question on the entry form.)

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York Networking July 2017

Face to face networking is an important part of my marketing strategy. One of the reasons I’ve been able to serve over 300 people on my mission is because of referrals and speaking opportunities in my network. July and August are busy months for me because I’m running Social Media Summer School every Thursday which means I am being laser focused on where I spend my time networking.

This is where you can find me in July

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York Networking June

York Networking June 2017

Networking is an important part of the marketing mix. Meeting people face to face helps develop the 'know-like-trust' factor. And with so much business coming from referrals and word of mouth marketing, the more referrers you have in your network the more visible your business can become.

With networking often comes an opportunity for learning, this month I'm giving marketing talks and free marketing surgeries at events in the York area. I also like to build relationships with a social aspect of networking so i'll be joining in lunches, curry nights and birthday celebrations.

This is where you can find me throughout June

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York Networking May 2017

Networking is an excellent way of building up your brand visibility. It gives you the opportunity to test your message out loud and watch how people react so that you can then tweak your message over time. Networking is a long game, when I first started networking it took nearly 6 months to build up relationships before I received any referrals. But all that networking has paid off – I’m delighted that I’ve been invited to be the guest speaker at the Tailormade Networking on 4th May.
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