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Marketing Musings Episode 3

Monitor your marketing efforts with Google Analytics

We’re on a roll with day 3 of the daily Marketing Musings. In this episode I share my musings on Google Analytics how you can use insights to make decisions in your business. Plus I give you ONE action to take today that will have an impact on you marketing (hint it has something to do with Google Analytics!)


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Back to Work Marketing Brunch

Back to work after the August bank holiday always seems to signal the end of the summer, the kids go back to school, we try and get things back to ‘normal’ and launch ourselves back into our business. So what better way to kick off September than with a Marketing Q&A over brunch. Plus, if you’ve been missing out on networking over the summer we’ll be encouraging conversations and connections in between questions. Read More

Monday Marketing Update – 20 August 2018

Every Monday I broadcast Live on the Your Marketing Specialist Facebook page, or you can catch the replay below, or just catch the highlights and headlines on Instagram.

This week is a bit of a quiet week with a round up of Facebook and Instagram news from the Facebook Community Boost Event in San Diego last week, Google expandable snippets and changes coming to LinkedIn Groups.

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Monday Marketing Update 13 Aug 2018

Monday Marketing Update – 13 Aug 2018

Every Monday I broadcast Live on the Your Marketing Specialist Facebook page, or you can catch the replay below, or just catch the highlights and headlines on Instagram.

Today we are following up on the Google Core Update to the search engine ranking algorithm from last week and discussing how to check if your site has been affected by the update. Plus there's the usual social media updates as technology never stands still! This week there are changes to Facebook Page Templates, Reviews become recommendations and Google launches Cameos. What's a Google Cameo? Watch and find out...

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Marketing Update 6 Aug

Monday Marketing Update – 6 August 2018

Every Monday I broadcast Live on my Facebook page, or you can catch the replay below, on You Tube or just check out the highlights on Insta TV.

Today there are some exciting updates to discuss as Google rolls out a core update to its search engine ranking algorithm. Plus we are talking about what's new with Google Analytics and the latest Social Media Updates and how they impact your Marketing Strategy.

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How do you celebrate success?

It can be hard as a small business owner, especially if you are the only person in your business, or even if you have a freelance team it can be difficult to create a reason to bring everyone together unless there’s a reason for a big celebration.

But often it’s the small achievements that can go unnoticed or we celebrate on our own at home with a glass of bubbles. If we are lucky we can celebrate with friends of family, but more often than not they just don’t get why we are so excited by that thing in our business.  

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smart leaders sell podcast with Jessica Lorimer and Louise Mason

When Does Marketing Become Sales?

Episode 40 The Smart Leaders Sell Podcast with Jessica Lorimer

Often people blur the lines between sales and marketing and get confused as to when the marketing activity stops and the sales process begins.

As Jessica Lorimer 's guest on the Smart Leaders Sell podcast I asked the juicy question "When does marketing become sales?"  We discuss the differences between sales and marketing in this episode and Jess breaks down exactly when the sales process starts, and what’s considered marketing to get the customer to that point in the process.

A good marketer will bring you the best leads possible”

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