World's Shortest Social Media Summit

The World’s Shortest Social Media Summit

In Aid of Save The Children Ukraine Appeal and War Child

Join The World’s Shortest Social Media Summit - and help the Ukrainian relief effort.

The events unfolding in Ukraine over the past few weeks are heart breaking. Like many of you, I've struggled to come to terms with what's happening, the images of destruction and daily struggles and hardships faced by the Ukrainian people. I also wanted to help, but at first didn't know what I could do.

Then I was invited to contribute to The World’s Shortest Social Media Summit. Organised by the Two Lauras, the summit brings together over 100 social media marketers, copywriters and ad strategists to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Marketing Surgery Stethoscope

Marketing Surgeries Are Back

Now, more than ever I'm seeing a need for one-to-one personalised marketing support for small businesses.

The internet is flooded with training courses, digital products, group programmes and masterminds. But when you have a specific question or challenge that's unique to your business circumstances you want to speak to a real human being about it, pre-recoded generic advice just isn't going to cut it.

It doesn't matter how many times you pause and rewind that You Tube tutorial they're not going to phrase it differently to answer your exact question.

Accessing individual support can be difficult for small businesses, 1:1 consultations can be expensive. Sometimes you have to be part of a high ticket mastermind to get individual feedback or you have to sign up to a monthly coaching programme and hope your question gets picked on the live Q&A call.

After launching my live trainings last year on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO I realised the problem with only offering training. There's just so much to cover on any one topic. And depending on where you are in your business journey will depend which bit you need most right now, and which bit you need next.

My favourite part of these training sessions is answering your questions and helping you apply what you learn to your business. Which is also why I love holding Marketing Surgeries and supporting businesses in depth one-to-one.

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My Intentions for 2022

I’m so over new year’s resolutions. Every year since 2015 I've set myself a word for the year. Sometime's I'll even have a focus word for the quarter to support what's going on in my life or business at the time. In the past this has included Strength, Elevate, Consistency and Outstanding!

This year I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going with Progress as a theme and making it more of an intention. Because it's not just about making progress, it's also about how I make that progress.

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My Contribution to the Corona Situation

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I can make a positive contribution to the Corona situation. I have massive respect for anyone who has volunteered as a support worker in the community, accepted the recall and gone back to work in a front line role, or joined the ranks of essential workers in supermarkets, on farms or as delivery drivers.

I am fortunate that my business functions remotely, that I work with a company who has switched their production to make essential products in the fight against the virus. And I am working with many businesses to maintain their visibility, build their pipelines and prepare a strong foundation to leverage from post-Corona.

We can’t all be Dyson and start manufacturing ventilators, and although we’ve got gin distilleries and perfumeries producing hand sanitiser, fashion houses making hospital gowns and masks and cosmetics companies creating medical grade disinfectants. We can’t all shift to Corona related products or services.

But we can all work on our marketing. Even if our business is closed.

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keep on marketing

Keep On Marketing

After the panic buying of the weekend it feels like the world has gone mad. Yet for the time being it’s business as usual for many of us. So, I wanted to check in and see how business is going for you or if you have been affected by the panic.

Depending on your business model you might be experiencing cancellations already as people become increasingly cautious about attending in person events, meetings or workshops. You might be worried about future cancellations or future drops in sales.

That’s why it’s important to keep on marketing.

Even with self isolation and remote working there are many business functions that can keep operating.

Marketing is one of them.

Here's 5 things you can do keep on marketing during the Corona crisis...

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bowl of cornflakes

Flashback to my very first webinar

As I was tucking into my bowl of cornflakes this morning I had flashback to running my very first webinar back in 2012. I was way out of my comfort zone and feeling like a fool for agreeing to host the online marketing training for our supply partners in the hospitality and healthcare industries. To make matters worse someone from Kellogg’s had registered. That’s right the Kellogg’s of Kellogg’s cornflakes – what could I possibly teach someone from Kellogg's about marketing?! Turns out there was something. The feedback from all attendees was so positive that this one webinar turned into a mini series!

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hands up if you want more customers

Hands up if you want more customers!

This time last year I was at an event and the speaker asked us to put our hands up if we wanted more customers. And the sentiment was that we should all be putting our hands up. That we should all be wanting more new customers. As if new customers is the symbol of a successful business.

But I didn't want any more new customers.

I didn’t put my hand up.

Everyone looked at me like I was a wierdo.

Want to know why I didn’t want any new customers?

Join me in this webinar on Thursday where I’ll reveal all and show you the One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing.

In this FREE webinar you will learn:

How to make sales without spending a penny on advertising

Forget about throwing tons of cash at Facebook ads in the hope of finding new customers. We'll show you how to use your marketing to make more money.

Where to spend your marketing budget for the most impact

Stop wasting time and money in your business and focus on the marketing activities that will bring you more bang for your buck.

How to maximise the lifetime value of your customers

So you don't have to be reliant on the feast and famine roller coaster of constantly finding new customers for your business.

You can make more money with your marketing

By creating a sustainable business with repeatable, scalable marketing campaigns.

The great thing about webinars is that if you can't join live, there is a replay! So as long as you register, you'll get access to the replay afterwards.

I hope to see you on Thursday or 'see you' on the replay!

I attended Louise's webinar "The One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing" and it made so much sense and really got to the nitty-gritty of effective marketing. It was something I was already aware of but with all things wasn't implementing. Now I know the facts and figures I will be changing that behaviour! Louise has a great way of explaining things that helps me (as a dyslexic with short-term memory problems) to remember what has been shared."

-Viv, York

The One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing

When I started my business, I set out on a mission to help 1,000 business do better smarter marketing. Being over halfway to achieving that target I started to realise that a lot of the companies I was working with were making the same mistakes with their marketing. People often come to me when their marketing isn't working. People who are wasting money on Facebook ads, people who are struggling to find new customers. People who feel like they are running flat out on the hamster wheel with little reward for their efforts.

Combined with the number of internet experts who tell us that to be successful we should have large email lists, we should be visible on all the socials, we should have long queues of new customers battering down our doors to buy from us. And if we don't we feel like a failure. You might have even succumbed to buying a course that shows you how to hit these magical heights by following a formula or framework that worked for said expert. Only to find that it didn't work for you, because your business is different. I hear you. I feel your pain.

And I want to tell you that you are not a failure. I am currently working with several companies who do not have huge email lists, who do not have large social media followings, who aren't even actively recruiting new customers. And they are successful. Very successful.

What's their secret?

It's not a secret at all, it's just not sexy and glamorous enough for the internet experts to be clamouring about. And it won't make you internet famous. But it will make you more money.

Last month I hosted a live webinar where I shared this one strategy that businesses are missing to make more money with their marketing. The feedback has been so good, and people are seeing immediate results from making small changes to their marketing from what they learnt on this webinar that I've decided to run it again next week. It's too good to keep to myself and since you missed the first one I wanted to make sure you had another opportunity to join us.

I would love it if you can join me on Thursday at 11am to discover the One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing.

In this free webinar you will learn:

● How to make sales without spending a penny on advertising
● Where to spend your marketing budget for the most impact
● How to maximise the lifetime value of your customers

The great thing about webinars is that if you can't join live, there is a replay! So as long as you register, you'll get access to the replay afterwards.