My First SEO Project

Can your customers (or prospective customers) find you online?

The answer might depend on what they are searching for. There's typically 3 ways someone might search for you online:
• by your name/business name
• by your services
• by looking for an answer to a problem/question

And you might think that just because you have a website with your business name in the url and a page that lists your services that your website will magically appear on Google. Or you might know that SEO is a dark art and that your website is buried somewhere on page 10, but no one knows because no one gets that far. In fact 75% of people never scroll past the first page.

But don't despair, all is not lost Let me tell you about my very first self-employed SEO project.

e're now in the top 3 Google search results

Don't despair, all is not lost Let me tell you about my very first self-employed SEO project.

It was for a massage therapist back in 2014. In fact she was my massage therapist and she was bloody amazing, no one else could get knots out of my shoulders like she could!

I would always recommend her to my friends and to people at work, I even had a pamper birthday party at her beautiful salon when she relaunched as The Therapy Rooms. One of the problems though was that it was hard to find her website on Google.

We often assume that we will magically appear on Google for our business name, but Tracey was competing against a national company that offered therapy rooms to rent, making it hard to rank on Google for their business name, even though they had it in their website address.

There was also a lot of local competition for searches for the services they offered in the local area like massage, facials and nails.

And the final nail in the coffin was that there were also some restrictions with the website builder that meant some of the 'no brainer' SEO basics couldn't be applied.

But since there's over 200 factors in the Google algorithm, there was still plenty we could do to get the onto the first page of Google and into the top 3 results for some of their most valuable keywords.

Want to learn how to apply these same SEO foundations to your business to help you get found in Google?

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