My Contribution to the Corona Situation

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I can make a positive contribution to the Corona situation. I have massive respect for anyone who has volunteered as a support worker in the community, accepted the recall and gone back to work in a front line role, or joined the ranks of essential workers in supermarkets, on farms or as delivery drivers.

I am fortunate that my business functions remotely, that I work with a company who has switched their production to make essential products in the fight against the virus. And I am working with many businesses to maintain their visibility, build their pipelines and prepare a strong foundation to leverage from post-Corona.

We can’t all be Dyson and start manufacturing ventilators, and although we’ve got gin distilleries and perfumeries producing hand sanitiser, fashion houses making hospital gowns and masks and cosmetics companies creating medical grade disinfectants. We can’t all shift to Corona related products or services.

But we can all work on our marketing. Even if our business is closed.

? And that right there was the light bulb moment for me. That’s how I can contribute. By staying in my zone of genius.

Sure, I could host a virtual story time hour or offer online French lessons to entertain my client’s kids so they can get on with implementing their marketing. I know coaches who are doing this. They’ve even got members of their team hosting virtual museum tours to keep the little monsters occupied.

And while I’d happily read fairytales all day, character voices are not my forte. Where I can help most, have the most impact is to help businesses maximise their marketing. That’s why I am committing to hosting weekly Momentum Hours throughout Corona Time.

Momentum Hour is an online co-working session for people to work on their marketing together. One hour every week to check in on progress, ask questions, get support and accountability. All with the power of group collaboration and the bonus of seeing faces! One of my favourite things in these stay at home times is the feeling of connection when I see people’s faces online.

The next Momentum Hour is on Monday and you can join us for free for your first session. Places are limited and I would love you to be one of the people who join us.

Momentum Hour

Build momentum with your marketing with a free online co-working hour.

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