Louise Mason Marketing Specialist

Why do you need a Marketing Specialist?

Busy running your business, struggling to find time to update your website, don't know where to start on social media?

You could hire a freelancer, but if you don’t just want a task done, if you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are driving growth in your business then you need a professional and experienced marketer. If you don’t have the capacity for a full time employee, or even a part time employee, if you need to hire someone just for as long as you need, as often as you need, then you need your own Marketing Specialist.

As Your Marketing Specialist I work as an extension to your team, I am passionate about helping you meet your business goals. I will take the time to understand your business, and work with you to create a marketing strategy to achieve a commercial return on your marketing investment. I am not just a consultant, I get stuck in and get my hands dirty. I won’t just tell you what you’re doing wrong, charge a bomb then walk away and leave you high and dry with no idea how to implement improvements yourself.

I work with passionate business owners who are spending too much of their precious time away from their zone of genius and who are ready to invest in marketing to drive growth in their business. Working with me releases you back into your business so you can do the things you love and be where you are most valuable to your customer.

Whether it's a one to one consultation, outsourcing your web design, face to face training on marketing tools and technologies, SEO workshops, online social media courses or helping you create impactfull content my packages are accessible to small businesses. Plus you can get a host of support and advice in my free marketing group on Facebook: Your Marketing Lounge.

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Your Marketing Surgery

20 or 60 minute consultations for help where your business needs it most. Appointments available every Thursday in York, contact me to book. £15 for 20 minutes or £45 for one hour.

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New workshop schedule being announced soon


Your Marketing Lounge

Let's talk Pinterest on Thursday 29th August, come and have a chat about Pinterest Marketing over a cuppa and a piece of cake.

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Hire Me

Hire me as your Marketing Manager by the day, week, month or on a project basis. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Customer Journey

Map out your customer's website journey and improve conversions with on page navigational signposts

Customer Lifecycle

Exploring your customer touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle to ensure you have the right communications in place from customer onboarding to reactivation of lapsed customers.

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Your Marketing Lounge

Your Marketing Lounge Facebook Group from Your Marketing Specialist

Get access to free marketing support and advice in my Facebook group, a collaborative and supportive space where you can virtually hang out and chat with fellow business owners and marketing specialists to help you make the most out of your marketing to drive growth in your business.