5 Reasons Why I Started My Business – The Real Story

When I set up my business I wanted to be my own boss. To work when I want, where I want, with who I want, even wearing what I want. But the real story is:

1. Marketing was my full time and job and my hobby. I spent my evenings learning new digital marketing skills, so why not monetise them? Everyone else online seemed to be setting up a side hustle, so why the F not me? So, 8 years ago I set up my marketing side hustle.

2. Then my grandad died, His last words to me were “Enjoy Yourself”. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t enjoying work. And I didn’t have much of a life outside of work. I started attending events, networking, meeting new people.

3. I met a group of fabulous ladies at networking, who all had successful businesses but were struggling with things like sending out email campaigns, updating their own websites and posting on social media. And I thought – hey I can help these women with all of that!

4. I had an undiagnosed fatigue condition and while I was on sick leave, I lost my job. I’d been thinking about going full time with my business and I asked the universe for a sign. Unexpectedly getting my P45 in the post was about the most obvious sign I could get!

5. So in 2016 Your Marketing Specialist became my full time business. I made it my mission to help 1,000 businesses with their marketing. I was able to work around my fatigue condition at times to suit my energy levels. I worked from the sofa in my pjs if I wanted to. I chose to work with lovely people – both as clients and in collaborations.

Some of those ladies from networking became my first clients, some I still work with today. But even better is that many of them became my good friends.

That's my real story.

Louise Mason - The Boss
Louise Mason follow your dreams
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Today I make sure that I enjoy myself in my work. And one of my favourite things is to help business owners 1:1 with personalised feedback and support in a Marketing Surgery. That way we can really connect and I can learn more about you, your business and what you want to achieve. And it means you can get faster results than following a self study course (although I do offer those too - just click on the Training menu tab).

Marketing Surgeries were the first PAYG service I offered when I set up Your Marketing Specialist (before Power Hours became a popular thing). I wanted to help local business owners when they needed it and without being tied into a monthly retainer or subscription. The only thing that's changed is that we now do these virtually on Zoom with business owners around the globe not just within driving distance!

If you have a specific question or challenge with your marketing one of the best ways we can work together is with a Marketing Surgery.

Not ready to work with me but want to be friends?

Connect with me on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/louisemasonmarketing

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