Strategy Customiser


Personalised marketing strategy creation

✔ Want more paying customers?
✔ Want to grow your audience?
✔ Want to capture more leads?
✔ Want to reactivate past customers?
✔ Want to maximise your customer lifetime value?
✔ Want a system to attract convert and keep customers with ease?
✔ Want a profitable, successful business you can scale?

Then you want a Marketing Strategy.

Let's create your Marketing Strategy together.
Together we will work through your strategy canvas to develop a marketing strategy customised to your unique business in an individual workshop style session. A 3 hour strategy creation session to dive below the surface of your business and develop the three conerstone strategies you need to attract, convert and keep customers.

After purchasing the Marketing Strategy Customiser you will receive your strategy canvas and an invitation to book your individual strategy workshop session.



45% of Small Businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

Don’t be one of them.


The Marketing Strategy Customiser

What you get:
✔ Strategy canvas based on best business practice for strategy development
✔ 3 hour individual online workshop via Zoom to personally create your strategy together

What we cover:
✔ Define your target market segments and positioning for each market
✔ Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)
✔ Set your marketing success metrics
✔ Outline your customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies
✔ Allocate your marketing budget and resources

Once you have purchased your Marketing Strategy Customiser session you will be invited to book a date and time for your Zoom session with Louise.


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