Brain Picker


30 Minutes Personalised Support

for those times when you don’t need a full hour

Have you ever invited someone for coffee to pick their brains? Then this is for you!

You and me – 30 minutes together on a Zoom call to ask all your questions, get unstuck on the challenges that are holding you back, talk out your ideas or get feedback on whatever marketing activities you are working on.

● Get answers to your questions
● Solutions to your challenges
● Brainstorm ideas
● Feedback on your marketing

Let’s chat over a virtual coffee* and you can pick my brains on the things you need help with right now.

*Bring your own coffee
**And biscuits
*** Actually mines a tea



Feeling stuck with a seemingly small insignificant thing? That thing that’s now really starting to hold you back from making progres?

You’ve googled it but you’re overwhelmed with all the opinions and answers Reddit and You Tube and you’re not sure whether you can trust ChatGPT? You need to talk to a real human. But it’s difficult to get 1:1 access to an expert without joining their high level membership programme or mastermind, or without paying six squillion pounds for an hour of thier precsious time.

You don’t even need an hour. You just need to ask a couple of quick questions. Maybe a follow up question. Or maybe you’ve got an idea you want to talk out and just get some feedback on. You just need to pick somone’s brains over a coffee.

Well you are in luck. That’s exactly what the Brain Picker is for! It’s a 1:1 seesion on Zoom where you can get all your questions answered, get expert advice and feedback and access 20 years of marketing and business growth wisdom.

How it Works

1. Add the Brain Picker to your cart and checkout
2. You’ll receive an automatic email confirmation of your purchase
3. Then I will send you a seperate email with a link to my online calendar to book a time and date to suit you
4. You’ll get another automated email with meeting invite and the Zoom link
5. Add the meeting invite to your calendar
6. Click on the Zoom link on the relevant day and time, the Zoom waiting room will be open a few minutes before your schedueld time
7. Bring your questions, coffee and biscuits and I’ll bring the brains (and tea, and more biscuits)


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