Strategy Spotlight


Put your marketing in the spotlight

In these monthly strategy sessions we’ll review your marketing progress against your strategy.

✔ Marketing activities in progress
✔ Marketing activities completed
✔ Results achieved
✔ ROI from your marketing

We’ll also look at
✔ What’s not working
✔ What can be improved
✔ Any changes that need to be made

Before booking a Strategy Spotlight session you need have a marketing strategy in place so that we have something to review your progress against.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, there are a couple of ways I can help you create a strategy. Visit or click here to book a call to talk through your options.



More than just strategy, a Spotlight session also offers:

✔ Accountability to keep you on track and avoid procrastination
✔ A sounding board for ideas so you don’t have to do it all on your own
✔ Support with marketing tech and tools so you don’t get stuck
✔ Feedback and advice to make your marketing more effective
✔ More confidence marketing your business
✔ Set up your marketing for future success

When it comes to measuring results we’ll look at a combination of:

✔ Your visibility and reach
✔ Audience growth
✔ Number of leads and enquiries
✔ Conversion rates
✔ Sales revenue
✔ Number of new customers
✔ Average order value
✔ Percentage of repeat customers
✔ Customer lifetime value
✔ Cost of acquisition
✔ Marketing spend vs budget

A three month subscription is recommended to monitor your progress and measure your results over the quarter.

Remember, marketing is a marathon not a sprint.

Once you have purchased your Marketing Strategy Spotlight session you will be invited to select a date and time for your session with Louise.


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