5 Myths of Christmas Marketing

And the one thing you need to be doing in the run up to Christmas!

I’ve seen quite a lot of advice on marketing tactics to take advantage of Christmas peak spending, especially from larger service providers and agencies. Their generic one-size-fits-all advice includes things like:

You should send a Black Friday email

Your marketing should feature Christmas designs

Your website should have a gift finder

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15 Questions to ask a web designer

15 questions to ask your web designer or web developer

Before you take on any supplier you want to know exactly what you are getting for your money and web design is no different. In addition to all the usual questions you would ask a supplier when negotiating a contract like costs, payment terms and timescales for delivery there are some specific questions you should ask your web designer or web developer for clarity of what is or isn’t included in the web design. Don’t forget you should also check out their credentials, testimonials and results from their work.

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Who owns my domain name

Do I own my domain name?

Your domain name is an important asset, in the online world it’s just as important as your logo. It’s what identifies you online, it’s the name that your customers use to find you.

As with any other business asset you should own it, you should be the legal registered owner of your domain name.

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