When Does Marketing Become Sales?

Episode 40 The Smart Leaders Sell Podcast with Jessica Lorimer

Often people blur the lines between sales and marketing and get confused as to when the marketing activity stops and the sales process begins.

As Jessica Lorimer 's guest on the Smart Leaders Sell podcast I asked the juicy question "When does marketing become sales?"  We discuss the differences between sales and marketing in this episode and Jess breaks down exactly when the sales process starts, and what’s considered marketing to get the customer to that point in the process.

A good marketer will bring you the best leads possible”

So we talk about visibility, traffic, prequalification and lead generation, we laugh (a lot) and in a virtual hug Sales and Marketing embracing each other as they continue to congruently work together to accomplish great things.

If you don’t have visibility, you will never have traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you will never sell”

But my favourite part is that sales doesn't have to feel sleazy, I love the way that Jess transitions seamlessly from a marketing mindset to a sales conversation without changing the feel of the customer experience.

The minute the one to one relationship starts happening, that then becomes sales”



2 thoughts on “When Does Marketing Become Sales?

  1. It’s funny how sales can feel like a dirty word isn’t it? When, really, we’re selling all the time – our ideas, our views on the world. It’s a conversation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely podcast and as always brilliant points that I think we don’t always consider. Did you listen to the money podcast on late night women’s hour? Some really good points were raised!

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