Do you ‘do’ business on Facebook Messenger?

I don’t know about you but I chat with my clients on Messenger, it’s become the new text messaging, the new email.

Prospective clients might contact me on Messenger for a quote, or we might chat about project requirements, or  updates on progress.

I also use it as a customer myself and book reflexology sessions, yoga classes, networking events…all through Messenger chats. 

With 800 million people using Messenger every day imagine how powerful it would be to have a Messenger App on your website so your customers and prospects could chat with you at the click of a button, without you having to have your own live chat software installed. 

Well according to Mari Smith on her live webinar last night Facebook are developing this feature. I was excited to hear that you will soon be able integrate Messenger with your website. And you don't need to have a Facebook account, the Messenger App is available to download as a standalone App for your smart phone.

Not only will visitors to your website be able to contact you on Messenger with any questions or to check availability, you will also be able to respond to messages on the go, you don't need to be tied to your laptop to answer queries through a live chat system or be constantly checking your emails. 

As with all things Facebook there wasn’t a definitive date and new features often roll out by geographic region, so we don’t know exactly when this will come to the UK, but since we were talking 2016 trends I expect it to be some time later this year.    

Whilst this is exciting news for small business owners does it start to cross a line where customers expect to be able to contact you 24/7 and expect instant replies? Will we be constantly bombarded by the green flashing notification light at all hours of the day? 

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Do you already use Messenger for business, do you welcome or reject the idea of putting Messenger on your website as a contact method?



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