Why you don’t need a Black Friday Sale

The world has gone crazy for Black Friday, should you ride the wave of popularity and jump on this trend or ignore it and just act like it’s a normal day?

Last year £810 million was spent on Black Friday, now hailed as the biggest shopping day of the year in UK. This American phenomenon was only brought to the UK five years ago and has sent the nation deal crazy.

This year’s predications are set to bring in £1 billion of sales – but almost exclusively on reduced price items.
In yesterday’s post 5 Myths of Christmas Marketing I ask if you can afford to compete with the retail giants slashing prices on high end electrical goods and whether a sales campaign at this time of year is in line with your business objectives.
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5 Myths of Christmas Marketing

And the one thing you need to be doing in the run up to Christmas!

I’ve seen quite a lot of advice on marketing tactics to take advantage of Christmas peak spending, especially from larger service providers and agencies. Their generic one-size-fits-all advice includes things like:

You should send a Black Friday email

Your marketing should feature Christmas designs

Your website should have a gift finder

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