How to set up website redirects

In Your Marketing Lounge today I’m sharing a fantastic web tip from Jessica Stansberry(with her permission) from her Tech Tip Alert post.

She’s American so she starts “Did y’all know that you can use your own domain as a redirect service?”

What this means is that you can create branded urls with your website domain to redirect to other web pages. For example my website domain is and if I wanted a url for my social media accounts branded with my domain I could set up or

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How to make a phone number a clickable link

Yesterday I was making dinner plans and browsing websites on my mobile, one of the sites had a clickable phone number, which when clicked opened up the number in my phone ready to call – easy peasy. The other didn’t and I ended up reading out the number to my mum to put in her phone to then read back to me to put in my phone to make the call. Slightly trickier.

It didn’t put me off calling and booking but the experience wasn’t great. Do you make it a seamless experience for your customers to contact you? You probably have a contact page, and an email address, and maybe a contact form people can fill in while they are on your site without having to open up their emails. And you probably advertise your phone number on your website too right?

But is it click to call phone number? When you click on your phone number from a mobile device does it open up the call log with the number ready to dial?

No? Then read on..
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Website Wednesday in Your Marketing Lounge

Do you ‘do’ business on Facebook Messenger?

I don’t know about you but I chat with my clients on Messenger, it’s become the new text messaging, the new email.

Prospective clients might contact me on Messenger for a quote, or we might chat about project requirements, or  updates on progress.

I also use it as a customer myself and book reflexology sessions, yoga classes, networking events…all through Messenger chats. 

With 800 million people using Messenger every day imagine how powerful it would be to have a Messenger App on your website so your customers and prospects could chat with you at the click of a button, without you having to have your own live chat software installed. 

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