How to choose which York Business Week Event to go to?

York Business Week 14-17 November 2016

Businesses in the city of York have come together to inspire, grow and celebrate with a programme of events, workshops and online trainings throughout the week. And there is a great selection of marketing events, so if you are looking for support when it comes to marketing your business, whether it’s social media, marketing strategy, marketing tools or seo then there is an event for you this week!

But with 9 marketing events going on, how do you choose the right one for you and your business?

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How to upgrade to WordPress 4.6 Pepper

How to Upgrade to WordPress 4.6

Upgrading to the latest version of WordPress is quick and easy in your WordPress dashboard. I often get asked how to upgrade to WordPress, just follow these simple instructions and within minutes you'll have access to all the new features and enhancements in WordPress 4.6.

When you log in to your WordPress account you will be greeted with a “WordPress 4.6 is available! Please update now” message.

Simply click on the ‘Please update now’ link and you will be taken to the WordPress Updates page.

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Do you Need a Blog Buddy?

Blogging has become an essential element for most websites these days. Blogs are a great way of adding value to your customers with tips and advice, sharing your latest news, and personal stories like what’s going on behind the scenes in your business are all part of the getting to ‘know, like and trust’ leg of the buying journey.

Blogs also contribute towards your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), fresh new content is a positive SEO signal for Google and other search engines and a blog post is an easy way to add new content to your site.

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How to set up website redirects

In Your Marketing Lounge today I’m sharing a fantastic web tip from Jessica Stansberry(with her permission) from her Tech Tip Alert post.

She’s American so she starts “Did y’all know that you can use your own domain as a redirect service?”

What this means is that you can create branded urls with your website domain to redirect to other web pages. For example my website domain is and if I wanted a url for my social media accounts branded with my domain I could set up or

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What do the changes to Facebook's 20% text rule mean?

What’s Up with Facebook’s 20% Text Rule?

Getting found on Facebook is the same as getting found on Google. In that you are limited by organic reach. Facebook, like Google wants you to pay in order for your target market to find your business. But they even want you to pay so that your customers can see your content, that’s right… they want to charge you for showing your posts to your customers. That’s why we are all considering Facebook ads right, because not enough people are seeing the posts on our business page.

So remember anything Facebook does, it does out of love money.

It’s all about the money, money, money.
-Jessie J

So the news that Facebook are changing the rules (as they are want to do) and seem to be phasing out the 20% text rule on ads makes me question why, and why does it matter?

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