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Marketing Musings Episode 4

Getting more customers

Day 4 of your daily dose of Marketing Musings and today we are talking about getting more customers. It’s one of the questions I’m asked most often at the Marketing Clinic, so here’s ONE action you can take today when it comes to getting more customers.


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Are Facebook Groups Dying?

Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook Groups? Today I’ve just seen another owner of a huge and hugely successful Facebook group announce that they are closing down their Facebook community later this year. Some of the big players in Facebook Groups are calling time on their groups with the aim of moving their communities over onto new platforms, with paid membership subscriptions. So I have to ask if Facebook Groups for business are a dying trend? Especially since some of the entrepreneurs that are closing their groups are the very same ones who encouraged us all to start Facebook Groups in the first place.

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How to Reach your Preferred Audience with your Facebook Posts

In my role as a Marketing Specialist I talk about attracting the right people to your business so that you can convert them into repeat customers. In fact, just yesterday at the York Meet Up run by Tailormade Conferences I was talking about how important it is to get the right message to the right people as part of your marketing strategy. We talked about the different ways you could segment your customers and talk to them differently based on their interests or demographics. So, I was pretty pleased when I discovered this new Facebook feature to optimise your audience for Facebook page posts.

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York Networking May 2017

Networking is an excellent way of building up your brand visibility. It gives you the opportunity to test your message out loud and watch how people react so that you can then tweak your message over time. Networking is a long game, when I first started networking it took nearly 6 months to build up relationships before I received any referrals. But all that networking has paid off – I’m delighted that I’ve been invited to be the guest speaker at the Tailormade Networking on 4th May.
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What do the changes to Facebook's 20% text rule mean?

What’s Up with Facebook’s 20% Text Rule?

Getting found on Facebook is the same as getting found on Google. In that you are limited by organic reach. Facebook, like Google wants you to pay in order for your target market to find your business. But they even want you to pay so that your customers can see your content, that’s right… they want to charge you for showing your posts to your customers. That’s why we are all considering Facebook ads right, because not enough people are seeing the posts on our business page.

So remember anything Facebook does, it does out of love money.

It’s all about the money, money, money.
-Jessie J

So the news that Facebook are changing the rules (as they are want to do) and seem to be phasing out the 20% text rule on ads makes me question why, and why does it matter?

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