August Networking in York

August is traditionally a quiet month when it comes to networking with many local networks taking a break. Networking Every Wednesday, The Wellbeing Meet Up and Yorkshire Leading Ladies are having a rest over the summer and will be back in September. So where does that leave me networking this month?

I’ll be at Give Back Works on Tuesday 14th for lunch at the Sidings and Tuesday 28th for the evening meeting at the Beefeater. If you’ve been thinking about giving Give Back Works a whirl and would like to know there’s a friendly face to greet you then get in touch and you are welcome to attend as my guest.
For more information visit

The Wedding Guide Network is back on Tuesday 7th at the Racecourse, I’m aiming to drop by to support Liz in between Marketing Surgeries finishing and York Spoken Word starting – which I have to go to this month to practice the wedding reading I’m giving on bank holiday weekend! For more information and future dates visit

York Women Mean Business are meeting at the Monkbar Hotel on Monday 13th which I’ll be attending if I can grab a last minute ticket as I feel like a bit of summer socialising with these lovely ladies is in order! Tickets are £10 and include a drink on arrival. Check the Facebook Group for tickets

A short but sweet roundup this month, if you’d like to get together for a catch up over a refreshing beverage by the river, or in the park then please do get in touch and let’s have our own mini networking opportunity.

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