The One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing

When I started my business, I set out on a mission to help 1,000 business do better smarter marketing. Being over halfway to achieving that target I started to realise that a lot of the companies I was working with were making the same mistakes with their marketing. People often come to me when their marketing isn't working. People who are wasting money on Facebook ads, people who are struggling to find new customers. People who feel like they are running flat out on the hamster wheel with little reward for their efforts.

Combined with the number of internet experts who tell us that to be successful we should have large email lists, we should be visible on all the socials, we should have long queues of new customers battering down our doors to buy from us. And if we don't we feel like a failure. You might have even succumbed to buying a course that shows you how to hit these magical heights by following a formula or framework that worked for said expert. Only to find that it didn't work for you, because your business is different. I hear you. I feel your pain.

And I want to tell you that you are not a failure. I am currently working with several companies who do not have huge email lists, who do not have large social media followings, who aren't even actively recruiting new customers. And they are successful. Very successful.

What's their secret?

It's not a secret at all, it's just not sexy and glamorous enough for the internet experts to be clamouring about. And it won't make you internet famous. But it will make you more money.

Last month I hosted a live webinar where I shared this one strategy that businesses are missing to make more money with their marketing. The feedback has been so good, and people are seeing immediate results from making small changes to their marketing from what they learnt on this webinar that I've decided to run it again next week. It's too good to keep to myself and since you missed the first one I wanted to make sure you had another opportunity to join us.

I would love it if you can join me on Thursday at 11am to discover the One Strategy you are Missing to Make More Money with your Marketing.

In this free webinar you will learn:

● How to make sales without spending a penny on advertising
● Where to spend your marketing budget for the most impact
● How to maximise the lifetime value of your customers

The great thing about webinars is that if you can't join live, there is a replay! So as long as you register, you'll get access to the replay afterwards.

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