Flashback to my very first webinar

As I was tucking into my bowl of cornflakes this morning I had flashback to running my very first webinar back in 2012. I was way out of my comfort zone and feeling like a fool for agreeing to host the online marketing training for our supply partners in the hospitality and healthcare industries. To make matters worse someone from Kellogg’s had registered. That’s right the Kellogg’s of Kellogg’s cornflakes – what could I possibly teach someone from Kellogg's about marketing?! Turns out there was something. The feedback from all attendees was so positive that this one webinar turned into a mini series!

So I was feeling quietly confident the last time I did a webinar.  I was a little rusty sure, but all was going well until we ran into major tech issues. What a nightmare. But once we got back in the groove the result was apparently pretty slick and I've had awesome feedback like…

"It made so much sense and really got to the nitty-gritty of effective marketing. Louise has a great way of explaining things, I was already aware of this strategy but wasn't implementing, now I will be changing that behaviour!"


"I can highly recommend this webinar, it has enabled me to completely re-think a significant part of my marketing activity, I feel like a huge weight has lifted. Thank you for your insights Louise." 

Did I mention this was only last month? And that my next webinar is this Thursday. It's exactly the same one - just hopefully without the tech issues this time!

I'd love it if you can join me. It's at 11 o'clock so bring a brew and your favourite elevenses treat. (Not that the idea of bringing your own elevenses influenced the time at all...)

Can't join live?
As long as you register, you'll get access to the replay afterwards. The you can enjoy any time of day with your favourite tipple or snack. Or is it just me that uses webinar training as an excuse to snack? 

I hope to see you on Thursday or 'see you' on the replay!

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