Wanted: Your Opinions

Yesterday I was talking to a small business owner about the Return on Investment of their marketing activity. I was really surprised when they said that they didn't measure this because they don't do any paid ads, all their marketing is organic.

The thing is, all that organic marketing activity isn't free. There's graphic design or web design costs, there might be email software costs or social media scheduling tools you pay for. Networking costs and business cards, promotional flyers. The list is never ending. Even if you don't actually spend any money on these activities there's still the cost of your time. I know that this lady invests a lot of time into creating her own landing pages, writing and sending email campaigns, and her Instagram feed is on point. But without measuring the ROI she doesn't know which of those activities are most worthwhile.  

Which got me asking the members of Your Marketing Lounge "Do you know the ROI of your marketing efforts?, What's the ROI of spending one hour on social media or one hour sending out emails?"

And I want to know more. I want to know more about small businesses attitudes to marketing, if you have a marketing strategy or not. As part of my mission to help 1,000 businesses do better smarter marketing, I thought I'd better find out the current state of play. Just like we can't get directions in our sat nav if we don't know where we are going, we can't get them if we don't now where we are starting from either. 

Help me understand where businesses like yours are starting from by spending 5 minutes filling in the marketing survey. 

As a thank you I will enter you into a draw to win a bottle of Champagne and a half day Marketing Strategy Review worth over £300.

And if you agree to be contacted based on your answers I will provide a tailored follow up with resources or services which could help you solve you biggest marketing challenges.

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