Marketing Musings Episode 13

7 Days of SEO: One way to dominate Google in 2019

This podcast episode – the first of seven in this series – reveals one thing you can do to dominate Google. Whether you’re new to SEO or have some experience of dealing with search engines, you might be surprised how doing one relatively small thing, can actually have a large impact on your Google ranking.

Listen now to discover the one way to dominate Google in 2019.

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Guide to Google My Business

With Google indexing your website against over 200 different ranking factors, SEO can be a mine field. But there is one quick and easy thing you can do to get started that will have an immediate impact on how your website shows up in Google search engine results. And that is optimise your your Google My Business page, just follow these 5 easy steps:
1. Register and claim your My Business Account
2. List your company information like opening hours and contact details
3. Create posts just like you would on other social media platforms
4. Encourage customers to leave Google Reviews
5. Review your stats!
>>Download Your Guide to Google My Business for the full list of optimisation tips.

Resources mentioned in this episode

>>Google My Business
>>Your Guide to Google My Business

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