Impact of WordPress Updates on Theme Customisation

When we update our WordPress to the new version, will the customisations to our theme be lost?

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No, updating the WordPress software doesn’t affect any of the customisation to your theme. The update is more of a technical change to the back end of your website – not the front end that your customers see. You will see some changes to how your dashboard looks when you edit your site or create new blog posts. 

-Louise Mason, Your Marketing Specialist


Answer Beyond a Postcard

Sometimes there are bugs with a new release or small incompatibilities with your theme or plug-ins but a lot of theme and plug-in developers will release an update to their themes and plugins to ensure they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for updates to these in your dashboard too.

If you notice something doesn't work/look the same with your theme you can usually send a message to the theme developer or post a question in a support forum.

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