Stonkingly Good – York Women Mean Business Celebration Award Winner

Back in November we celebrated the York Women Mean Business awards. You might remember me blogging about being shortlisted for an award. The YWMB Facebook group had now grown to over a thousand members and 36 amazing ladies were shortlisted for awards on the night.

I was looking forward to a night of celebration, cheering on fellow nominees and dancing the night away. I was proud to be shortlisted and knew I was up against some tough competition – there are some fabulous business women in this group!

There I was sat with a glass of wine at the Pitcher and Piano waiting for my name to be called so I could join the others at the front and claim my goody bag. But I didn’t make the Best Newcomer category, or the Innovative category, Best Brand or Most Passionate. I didn’t have the best Why, Greatest Achievement and I don’t make anything. So I was feeling rather red faced and shrinking in my seat when Tracy announced the final award. An award with no category, no shortlist, just one winner whose application was so Stonkingly Good they deserved their own category.

You see I’d been telling everyone all over the internet that I'd been shortlisted for an award, and here I was NOT SHORTLISTED, about to go home empty handed. I never expected to be the winner of the Stonkingly Good York Women Mean Business Celebration Award! I cannot begin to describe how I felt when Tracy announced my name as the Overall Winner of the York Women Mean Business Celebration Award and I’ve been totally blown away by the support and congratulations and how much I deserved the award for all my hard work!

When the judges were reading your application and looking at feedback, your FB page etc everyone just kept saying things like BRILLIANT - COOL - FAB (and there was lots of laughing!) and I had to agree it was a STONKINGLY GOOD application it really was a no brainer. Well done hun, our OVERALL WINNER OF THE NIGHT  <3 x x x”

– Tracy Burleigh, Founder York Women Mean Business


Lots of people have asked me if its worthwhile entering local, non industry awards like these. My answer is always Yes. For lots of women in this group this was the first award they’ve ever entered. Many didn’t enter because they struggled to blow their own trumpet. They didn’t think they were deserving. Look at me, I never imagined I would win, never mind be the overall winner. But just completing the application form and recognising all your achievements and reminding yourself what you stand for can be eye opening. To be celebrated by your peers is heart warming. And if you are shortlisted or a winner it gives you something to shout about in your marketing.

It can be really difficult to blow your own trumpet, but if you don’t no one else will. It’s taken me 2 months to write this post after the awards. I’ve been procrastinating about it. Perhaps because I was putting off putting myself in the spotlight and hiding behind my work. But if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll be overlooked. If you want any PR coverage, if you have to go out there and get it. If you want people to know about your business you have to tell them – talk to them, email them, connect with them on social media. Ask for reviews and testimonials. 2018 is your year to shine!

2019 WMB Nominee

I'm over the moon to be nominated for a Women Mean Business celebration award again this year. I am up against some phenomenal business women in the Business Services category and would appreciate your vote if I have helped you in any way with your marketing through networking, the blog or the podcast.

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