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Map your own path to marketing success with ASPIRE, a monthly implementation programme specially designed to support business owners who want to scale their business with consistent marketing without jumping on every new trend or social media fad.

Aspire pre sale

April Enrollment Closed

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Create Your Own Strategy

✔Set your goals for the next 90 days.
✔Put the right strategies in place for you.
✔Commit to taking action.
✔Get support when you feel stuck.




✔Quarterly 1:1 Marketing Surgery
✔Two Mastermind Days
✔Annual Subscription to the Marketing Vault

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Right Now Everyone Wants to Tell You What You Should Be Doing.

But I bet you didn’t start your own business because you like being told what to do. Or because you wanted to spend all your time doing the marketing.


You want to be doing what you do best.


✔Running your business ✔Serving your customers ✔Creating your products


But you know that your products or services won’t sell themselves. You need marketing if you want to scale and grow your business.

The problem is that there are a million different ways to market your business and each online expert will tell you that you should do it their way.
Your friends and family might even chip in with their helpful opinions too.


Aspire pre sale
Aspire pre sale
Aspire pre sale

And if you even have half of these ‘shoulds’ on your to do list you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated.

You don’t have enough time to do all the things and it feels like nothing is working.

To save time you might have invested in templates or courses that promise to reveal the secret to mastering the 'shoulds'.

But if it still feels like nothing is working then let me share the real secret with you.

Aspire pre sale
Aspire pre sale
Aspire pre sale


Let me introduce you to


Your new secret weapon to eliminating everyone else's 'shoulds' from your to do list.


The Secret Marketing Combination

There are just three types of marketing activity that every business needs to create a successful marketing system.

  1. Attraction - to attract the right future customers
  2. Conversion - to convert them into paying customers
  3. Retention - to turn them into repeat customers

Once you've got at least one activity in each stage you start to take your customers on a buying journey. For many businesses their focus starts and ends at step 2. They think that successful marketing is activity that results in a sale. But it can take between 7 and 20 interactions between a customer and a business before they make a purchase, which is why we need the combination of attraction and conversion marketing.

Unless your goal is to get a new customer who buys once and then disappears, leaving you to get back on the hamster wheel to attract the next one, then you'll also want some retention marketing activities to keep customers coming back for more.

Unlike other marketing programmes or courses, we won't just be focussing on increasing your visibility and building your audience, we'll be looking at optimising your sales process and maximising your customer lifetime value. Repeat customers are the foundation of a sustainable, scaleable business. They buy more, more often and are more likely to recommend you.

When you join ASPIRE you'll get a welcome call with me to set your goals in one of these areas to focus on for the next 90 days. Every business is different and important to focus on where you are at now so we can put a plan in place to get you to where you want to be next.

What makes ASPIRE unique is that you get the personal touch, there's no generic advice, cookie cutter templates or rigid process to follow.

Following the ASPIRE methodology we'll review what's working every quarter, look at what could be improved and set our new 90 day goals.

The ASPIRE Method
Combining strategic planning with taking action and reviewing results.

What's Included in ASPIRE?

1. Welcome Strategy Call

A 1:1 call to set your goals and areas of focus on for the next 90 days.

2. Quarterly Strategy Call

A group session on Zoom to share our goals and put a strategy in place to attract, convert and keep customers coming back for more.

3. Monthly Implementation Days

Online group co-working days to get stuff done. Here's where you can get personalised guidance on your marketing;  feedback on what you're working on, support with the tech side of things, or brainstorming ideas. Find out more www.yourmarketingspecialist.co.uk/implementationday

4. Monthly Mastermind Hours

Every month we'll get together on Zoom for a hot seat session where you can bring any questions or challenges that might be getting in your way of making progress, or taking up too much thinking time.

5 Weekly Accountability

Commit to taking action every week and stay accountable with the Facebook community and email support to nudge you along.

6. Regular Reviews

We make a point of celebrating progress and reviewing results so we know what to do more of, what to improve and what to stop doing.


✔A sounding board for ideas so you don’t have to do it all on your own
✔Support with marketing tech and tools so you don’t get stuck
✔Feedback and advice to make your marketing more effective
✔Feel more confident marketing your business
✔Set up your marketing for future success


Sign up to join ASPIRE before 5th April and receive a FREE subscription to the Marketing Vault monthly trainings worth £540

Every month a new training will drop inside the Vault from social media to SEO to paid ads.


Join ASPIRE Today

£125 per month
12 month subscription - renews automatically

Welcome Strategy Call

Quarterly Strategy Call

Monthly Implementation Day

Monthly Mastermind Hour

Weekly Accountability

Quarterly Progress Review

EASTER BONUS: Marketing Vault Monthly Subscription

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Who is ASPIRE for?

✔Business Owners
✔Sole traders, Self employed and Freelancers
✔Serviced Based Businesses
✔Product Sellers and Distributors
✔Online ad Offline Retailers
✔Health and Wellbeing Providers
✔Crafters, Makers and Designers
✔Leisure and Hospitality Venues
✔Start Ups
✔Established Businesses

About Louise

Louise is on a mission to help 1000 businesses do better smarter marketing. Better Smarter Marketing means being more strategic with your marketing activities and where you spend your time, money and marketing efforts. As Your Marketing Specialist, Louise helps businesses develop marketing strategies to attract, convert and keep customers coming back for more.

CIM qualified with over a decade of experience both online and offline in B2B and B2C markets Louise brings a wealth of knowledge across a breadth of industries including retail, hospitality, leisure, FMCG, manufacturing and construction including well known brands like Staples, Damart, Portakabin and Butterkist.

Three quarters of the way towards achieving her goal, Louise has has helped 750 small businesses from Accountants to Zumba teachers. With 250 to go, will you be one of them?

What people say about Louise

Award Winning Marketing Consultant

Women In Marketing Highly Commended
ieaward nomination
Women Mean Business Winner
York Women Mean Business Award Winner


When Does ASPIRE Start?

The April intake of the Aspire programme starts with a Strategy Hour on Zoom on Tuesday 13th April. You will also be sent a link to book your individual Welcome Call before then and you will be able to access the Facebook Community straight away.

Can I join ASPIRE after the 5th April?

Doors will open for the next quarterly intake at the end of June. Join the waiting list to be the first to find out when doors open.

Do I have to subscribe for a full year?

The Easter Offer is only available for annual subscriptions (paid annually or paid monthly). If there are spaces available after the Easter-sale period ends there will be the option to subscribe monthly for a minimum of 3 months at £150 per month. This is to enable you to set your quarterly goal, take action to achieve it and then measure the results.

Can I join ASPIRE later in the year?

We can’t promise there will be places available but if there are, we will open the doors to the programme for new members once per quarter on a first come first served basis.

When will the Quarterly Strategy Sessions be?

The Quarterly Strategy Sessions will be held on Zoom at the following times:
Tuesday 12th January 11am
Tuesday 13th April 11am
Tuesday 6th July 11am
Tuesday 5th October 11am
If you are unable to attend in person, you will be able to submit your questions in advance and we will record the answer for you.
Dates and times may be subject to change, any changes will be communicated as far in advance as possible.

When will the Implementation Days be?

The Implementation Days will be held on Zoom at the following times:
Tuesday 26th January 10am-4pm
Tuesday 9th February 10am-4pm
Tuesday 9th March 10am-4pm
Tuesday 25th May 10am-4pm
Tuesday 22nd June 10am-4pm
Tuesday 6th July 10am-4pm
Tuesday 10th August 10am-4pm
Tuesday 14th September 10am-4pm
Tuesday 12th October 10am-4pm
Tuesday 9th November 10am-4pm
Tuesday 7th December 10am-4pm

Implementation Days are online co-working days with me on hand for guidance and support. You can join in all day or dip and out as you need to. If you are unable to attend in person, you will be able to submit your questions in advance and we will record the answer for you.
Dates and times may be subject to change, any changes will be communicated as far in advance as possible.

When will the Mastermind Hours be?

The Mastermind Sessions will be held on Zoom at the following times:
Tuesday 2nd February 11am
Tuesday 2nd March 11am
Tuesday 11th May 11am
Tuesday 8th June 11am
Tuesday 3rd August 11am
Tuesday 7th September 11am
Tuesday 2nd November 11am
Tuesday 14th December 11am
If you are unable to attend in person, you will be able to submit your questions in advance and we will record the answer for you.
Dates and times may be subject to change, any changes will be communicated as far in advance as possible.

Is ASPIRE right for me?

Without knowing a little more about you and your business I can't say. So let's have a chat. Book a call and find out more about the programme and working with me. Then you can decide if it’s the right programme for your business, and if working with me is the right fit for you.

When will the Mastermind Days be?

I’ll be organising 2 online Mastermind Days for 2021. The provisional dates are Tuesday 1st June and Tuesday 26th October.

  • 750 businesses helped