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Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your business with a long list of marketing tasks that never seem to get done? It can be hard to find the time, and sometimes when technology isn’t on your side it can feel like you are falling down the rabbit hole. 

Let me introduce the Marketing Implementer…

Similar to a business incubator or hot house, the Marketing Implementer provides a supportive environment to foster business growth but with a focus on marketing activities. The Marketing Implementer is a day of implementation. 1 day per month where you can work on your business instead of in it.

You can bring your list of marketing tasks and get them ticked off by dedicating time to get them done. Plus I’ll be on hand to answer questions, help with technology issues as they arise, keep you motivated and pull you out of the rabbit hole when you get stuck! 

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So what can we cover in the Marketing Implementer?

  • We can work on your strategies for attracting new customers, converting browsers into buyers and how to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • We can work on tactical implementation of:
    -Email marketing
    -Social media scheduling
    -Website updates
    -Social media advertising
    -Google advertising
    -Content planning
    -Content creation (blog posts, images, video slideshows/animated videos)
  • We can brainstorm ideas, research competitors, update websites and much more.


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