Google Analytics 4

Get Analytics Set Up in 10 Minutes

Universal Google Analytics will stop tracking website visitors on 1st July 2023.
That means you'll need to switch over the new GA4 if you want to continue to measure your website performance and understand how people are using your site.

You might think that you have plenty time, and that you're not ready to learn new tech. That you've got time to procrastinate on it until it gets more urgent. And that it can fester at the bottom of your to do list until the last minute. But if you want to measure year-on-year results next July then you need to move over to the new Google Analytics 4 NOW!

The new GA4 tracking is set up differently to the current UA tracking so when next July rolls round it'll be like comparing apples with oranges, if you are looking at July 22 in UA and July 23 in GA4 the data just won't match up, it won't make sense. That's why it's important to get GA4 set up and tracking as soon as possible.

That's why I'm inviting you register for this free on-demand Google Analytics 4 training to help you set up your new GA4 tracking and understand how it's different to the current analytics tracking.

Set Up Google Analytics 4

✔️Understand what's new and why GA4 is important
✔️How to set up GA4 tracking
✔️Keep all your old data when UA is turned off
✔️Set up new tracking events in Google Tag Manager

• Video Replay: 1 hour Live Training with Q&A
• Video walk through to set up your GA4 at your own pace
• Step by step written instructions